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How to
1. Use the Notepad Web Editor in conjunction with this HTML & CSS Tutorial.
2. Make you First Web Page

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1. Notepad Initial Setup of Text Editors

Non Required

2 Notepad Creating a New Web Page

Alternative Text editors better than notepad


HTML Tidy from
Edit, Preview, Validate, Publish and manage Projects in a full-featured editor.
An earlier version is FREE. Latest version around $59 USD


Notepad Plus Plus (Notepad++) from


Cream from

Initial Setup of Web Editors

Non Required

Microsofts Notepad text Editor

Microsofts Notepad text Editor is included with Windows operating system can be used to produce a Web Page

Notepad is only a TEXT EDITOR, it will not give you any HTML tips or help. You can either type in the your tags & content or Copy & Paste from this tutorial.

  1. Open Notepad
  2. If Notepad is already open and the page has content Click File > New
    1. Do you wish to save the original contents of notepad Click either Save or Don't Save
  3. Either Copy & Paste our exercise code into the Notepad Window or Type it in.
  4. Click File >Save as
    In the Save As Window
    1. Select the folder you created in Tutorial 2, which i suggested as
      C: > Users > Your Name > My Documents > My Web pages  > my-first-web-pages
    2. Near the bottom of the window click the down arrow opposite File name:
      1. Select All Files (*.*)
    3. In The box above File name: Type in
    4. On the bottom line ensure Encoding is set to ANSI & not UTF-8. Notepad does strange things with UTF-8
    5. Click Save

View of code in Notepad before saving

View of code in Notepad before saving