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Updated 27 Dec. 03


Smalltalk Books.
On to Smalltalk Discovering Smalltalk

Squeak Object Oriented Design with Multimedia Applications

The Smalltalk Developer's Guide to VisualWorks
Analysis and Design Books
Introduction to Object-oriented Analysis


Designing Object-Oriented Software Ch35 p16

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{Image. On to Smalltalk

All the following books have been recommended by students or tutors of M206. If you would like to add your own comments on the titles below, or recommend your own book please use my Feedback link.


Information on this page is given as a guide only.

Squeak Object-Oriented Design with Multimedia Applications

Mark Guzdial

Price Guide: £31.52

Paperback - 306 pages Bk&Cd-Rom (19 December, 2000)
Prentice Hall (Sd); ISBN: 0130280283

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On to Smalltalk

{On to Smalltalk image}
Rough Price Guide: £14.99
by Patrick Henry Winston is
Based on theSmalltalk Express Program
Amazon average customer rating: 5 Star


This text provides a concise introduction to the Smalltalk language, suitable for those who need a quick start with Smalltalk but who already know how to program. The book features a short, representative program to illustrate the concepts of Smalltalk.
Not just a very good book for the novice at Smalltalk but also a good introduction to OO programming. His unmistakeable writing style manages to make what is potentially a dry subject into a very enjoyable and worthwhile read. Highly recommended.

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Discovering Smalltalk

Rough Price Guide: 34.26

by Wilf LaLonde (M206 Chap 37, page8. A respected Smalltalk expert.)

Based on theSmalltalk Express Program (Smalltalk/V)


This is an introductory text on the Smalltalk programming language. It leads students through the process of problem-solving and algorithm development. The book uses Smalltalk V as the sample environment.

Various Customer Comments

  • Excellent! The book is exceptionally well written and is ideal for Smalltalk beginners. A a good book for someone who has no OO knowledge or experience.
  • It demonstrates the power and flexibility of Smalltalk as an object-oriented development environmentids overloading the student with too much theory.
  • Provides a reference to the most important classes in the Smalltalk library, including objects, strings, numbers, characters, ordered collections, dictionaries and graphical objects.
  • It is particularly good at side-stepping a high-level description of objects in chapter one followed by designing objects with classes as an exercise in chapter two. In fact, it takes the opposite approach of those Fasttrack books; the first five chapters gently introduce the student to the Smalltalk environment and to object interactions.
  • It sticks to the task at hand: teaching Smalltalk to the neophyte.
  • It takes its time with each topic, reinforcing each point with words, exercises and homeworks. In summary, this is a good book from which to learn Smalltalk and objects.
  • It illustrates how the Smalltalk environment, including workspaces, inspectors, browers and debuggers can be used.
  • I recommend using Smalltalk Express, a descendant of Smalltalk/V freely available from ObjectShare.
  • The book takes you step by step through problems and takes you to a real discovery because it is honest enough to admit that first attempts turn out to be insufficient in later stages.

There are two points weighing against this book as it stands:

  • It's dated; it's based on an older version of Smalltalk/V.
  • Uses constructs avoided now (such as the message "become" to change a variable's state).

Amazon average customer rating: 4 Star

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Introduction to Object-oriented Analysis

{short description of image}
Rough Price Guide: £27.50

by David W.M. Brown

Customer Comments:
A reader from London, England , 11 November, 1998 Excellent introduction to ObjectOriented Analysis and Design This is an absolutely excellent book which introduces the reader to objects with the development of analysis and design in computing. It then deals in detail with object oriented analysis and design. The book covers all areas in detail with a clarity of writing that I have never experienced elsewhere. The attention to detail in the content and its presentation is exceptional. For the practitioner or student. If you have anything to do with objects buy this book!

A OU students comments:
An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis. Objects in Plain English by David Brown (Wiley) ISBN 0-471-11028-0 price £27-50. It seems an excellent tome and most importantly is written for ease of understanding. A rise to arms. Let's stamp out all obscurantism (especially when it appears in the form of Academe). Ray

Quiet useful but a bit basic for someone with more knowledge in the field. Janet W

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Designing Object-oriented Software

Price Guide £31.99

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

Paperback - 535 pages impression edition (1 April, 1990)

A practical, down-to-earth introduction to the art of designing object- oriented software.* offers basic design principles and a specific design process that can be applied to any software programming effort - even those not using object-oriented programming languages or environments. * covers the concepts of object-oriented technology, and present a process to apply those concepts, the tools to use throughout the process, and examples to put it all together. * outlines the process of determining the classes of objects that will make up the software. * considers how to design the flow of control and information in the software. * explains how inheritance can be used to maximize software reusability. * features an uninterrupted example of an object-oriented design to show how the process flows in actual use.

Customer Review:
Having sifted through Booch, Rumbaugh & Jacobson - the definitive OO texts - I found this book to be a refreshingly lightweight introduction to Object Oriented Design. It covers the subject in a straightforward step-by-step style and leads the reader through a couple of examples. These are documented in full at the back of the book, and in this I think the text offers an advantage over others that I have read. Certainly it is a more practical commentary on the subject. By todays standards it may be a little long in the tooth, so far as OO design goes, but the fundamentals still apply. I would recommend this book to those who wish to get to grips with OO design - for a more theoretical text turn to the fathers of the discipline, but I bet we won't see those on your bedside table.

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Object Lessons

Object Lessons

Tom Love

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The Smalltalk Developer's Guide to VisualWorks

Price Guide: £30.95

Timothy G. Howard

Hardcover - 648 pages Reissue (1 August, 1995)

Average Customer Rating: 5 Star

Providing a description of the VisualWorks environment in terms of fundamental Smalltalk concepts, this book/disk package demonstrates how to solve problems and develop applications using VisualWorks. It covers the fundamental concepts of MVC, the builder, the application model, the concept of subcanvases, windows, and the tools of VisualWorks.

Customer Reviews

I like this book especially, because it explains in detail all this UIBuilder and Spec stuff. If you want to understand how to build powerful user interfaces, this book is must. It really gives you insight into the mechanisms of the VisualWorks UI building. It was rather easy for me, to add own widget specs into the framework after reading it.

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