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Updated 10 June01

If you have not printed my "Collection Class hierarchy" diagram do it now. You will find it very useful as you read M206 chapters 23, 24, 26, 29 on Smalltalks Collection classe

See also the new Open University Smalltalk Handbook page 3, for a Listing of the M206 Smalltalk class hierarchy. Careful cheching of my "Collection Class hierarchy" and the M206 Smalltalk class hierarchy will show that I have a few more classes listed as follows:

Class Comment
Bag I am surprissed at this ommision because the M206 course usually had questions based on the difference between the Bag and Set classes
Pool Dictionary, Interval, List, Text, As far as I can remember I don't think that these classes were covered in any detail in the M206 course, and may now have been dropped. Although they are probably still viewable in Learning Works.

ByteEncodedSting I can't see any reference to this Class in the class browser in Learning Works that I am using.

The collection class is a very important class and you should fully check out the hierarchy, and methods used for each class. This is a fairly complicated class, and many students and tutors have tabulated various tables that help with the process of understanding the classes. These are available in the downloads below. I suggest that you print some of these out then as you read the Open University chapters verify the facts and tick or highlight the verified facts, you may also like to add page references to the printouts.


John McGuinn


Below you will find several files that can be downloaded. These are files either written by myself, other students or M206 tutors. Most of them are trying to condence 4, M206 chapters into a few pages.


Right click on the file and select the option to save to the hard disk, the wording will depend on your browser.

File name Size Document Heading Comment
collect.pdf 4KB Collection Class Quick Reference 1 page
collect.xls 21KB none A 1 page excel reference table
Collection Class and subclasses as of Chap 29.doc 31KB As File name 5 pages
Collection Class Protocol.doc 47KB Collection Class popular Protocol selection A 1 page word reference table
Collection Class z.doc 22KB none A 1/3 page word reference table
m206mads.doc 54KB Collections A 7 page word document
Subclasses of Collection.doc 58KB none A 1 page word reference table
sunslide.pdf 54KB M500 Revision weekend- sat afternoon An 8 page slide presentation
Collections Protocol.xls   Thanks to Andrew.I have added his spreadsheet from the practice conference, Latest version as of 23 May 2001.

A 1 page excel reference table. With annotations. (Hover over the red corner triangles)


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