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Free Smalltalk Programs

LearningWorks Recommended. Dolphin Smalltalk Smalltalk Express
VisualWorks Recommended. Squeak Recommended. LittleSmalltalk, aka. GNU Smalltalk
The most suitable free smalltalk versions to use prior to starting the Open University M206 an Object-oriented approach are LearningWorks and VisualWorks

Other useful programs for Students have been moved to another page:
Student Software 

The Open university uses the following program for its M206 Course.
M206 LearningWorks which is a special version of LearningWorks, which is a cut down version of VisualWorks.



At the moment it appears that LearningWorks is no longer available from the Neometron site. I would be grateful if any body finds a download site would let me know. Please use the Feedback page.


A Non-Commercial comes with on-line documentation including an interactive cookbook. The on-line documentation is in Acrobat .pdf (an Acrobat reader is required) files in the standard directories. The interactive cookbook requires loading of the Help parcel (Launcher->Tools->Load parcel named... and type Help) and is opened with Launcher->Help->Open Online Documentation.

Finally, there are a number of good books on Smalltalk in general and VisualWorks in particular. There is a freely available advanced course which follows on from Smalltalk: An introduction to application development using VisualWorks. You can find it at the ObjectShare web site.

VisualWorks Non-Commercial is a freely-available version of VisualWorks

The Non-Commercial Versions is the same as the most recent official release, except that it features a special non-commercial license and splash screen. VisualWorks VisualWorks 5i.2
(Available for Windows, Unix or Linux, and PowerMac)



Smalltalk Express

Quote: Smalltalk Express is simply the fastest way for you to learn object-oriented programming. Smalltalk Express includes Smalltalk/V Win16 and WindowBuilder Pro/V. We are offering it free over the Internet. Smalltalk/V Win16 is known for good performance in a relatively small memory footprint. It has a simple but powerful class library and runs nicely in Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. We think it is the ideal vehicle for learning Smalltalk and object-oriented programming
You'll download a 2.9 MB exe (self extracting) file. You simply execute it. It will extract the files and launch the installation program. It will give you the choice of where to install Smalltalk Express. The documentation is two separate download's (details above).
Smalltalk Express provides an excellent "Encyclopedia of Classes" that I found to be very useful doing the M206 course. The file is VWINCLS.HLP

Dolphin Smalltalk

Dolphin Smalltalk is a 32-bit Smalltalk implementation for Windows 95 and NT available for free from Object Arts at.

Download, Tutorials, Beginners Guide to Dolphin Smalltalk, etc.



Little Smalltalk is a sort of fun experiment in building a minimal smalltalk system.

GNU Smalltalk

I have not used this version.

Download LittleSmalltalk, a.k.a. GNU Smalltalk, is a complete implementation of Smalltalk, including the virtual machine, available from any GNU site, e.g. Search for Smalltalk in the directory listing.


Squeak appears to have quite a few Open University converts to it.

Download Squeak


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