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Using Learning Works

{Learning works image 0}Diagram: Short cut Properties. Note that clicking on the executable program, Lwwin251.exe, in explorer will NOT work.
Draging the file onto Lwwin251.exe, will work.
An easier method is to set up a short cut icon on your desktop or in a suitable folder.

Set up a shortcut in the normal windows method. (Use windows help for details.
Right click on the short cut and select properties. See diagram Short cut Properties

Ammend the Target pane to
C:\Learn\Bin\lwwin251.exe C:\Learn\image\
If these are not the actual folders you have used alter acordingly.
Click OK
Test the short cut. You should get the following:
See Diagram: Screenshot 1.
{Learning Works image 1}
Diagram: Screenshot 1.

In the Learning Works window, ensure the Course tab is selected.
Click on the Smalltalk Programming option, this highlights the line.
Click on load latest version button.A faint box should appear by the cursor.
Move the cursor and box to a suitable area of screen.
Click the left mouse button.
In the window that appears click and hold down the left mouse button on the Section button near the top right of the window, drag the mouse to the bottom of the list "Access All Classes" and release the button.
{Learning Works image 2}Diagram: Screenshot 2 You require the "Expression evaluation" tab, which is not visible in Screenshot 2. This can be obtained by one of the following 3 ways:
1. Click and hold the "Page" button, select "Expression evaluation".
2. Widen the window, by dragging the right or left window border. Click on the "Expression evaluation" tab.
3. Click the rightmost tab, "Class methods" in Screenshot 2. Repeat this action until the "Expression evaluation" tab appears. Click on the "Expression evaluation" tab
{Learning Works image 3}Diagram: Screenshot 3 In order to maintain the terminology used by the OU course. In my tutorials I have used the names for 2 of the panes in this window, Screenshot 3, as follows.Expression, called Evaluation pane.Result, calledDisplay pane

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