Using M206 Learning Works, the smalltalk program supplied on the M206 OU course

Using M206 Learning Works

{M206 Launcher image}
Diagram: Launcher Window.
This special version of Smalltalk is provided by the Open University for students on the M206 Computing an Object-oriented approach course.

In the Launcher window, select:
LB-12 Discussing Software

I have selected this particular LB (Learning Book) because it has not been used by the Open University for TMAs in 1998-2000.

Diagram: LB-12 Discussing Software Practicals and Notes.
In the window
LB-12 Discussing Software Practicals and Notes.that appears click and hold down the left mouse button on the Section button near the top right of the window, drag the mouse and select from the list VisObjects .
{LB-12 Workspace image}Diagram: Workspace tab In the
LB-12 Discussing Software: VisObjects window, select the Workspace tab.

Your window should look like the one on the left.

Take note of the following:
  • Evaluation pane.
  • Display pane.
  • Evaluate selection button.
  • Inspect last message answer.
  • Close button. Thats the X in the top right corner, on the title line.

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