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HTML Forms are used to obtain information from your web page visitor. If you look at a form you may think that they would be hard to produce, when they are quite simple.

Probably the harder part is transfering the data back to where it can be used. I therefore suggest that at your first attempt you produce a very simple form that collects 1 item of information, a persons name then have that name e-mailed to your e-mail address.

Usually the data inputed in a form is processed by a Common Gateway Interface Script (CGI Script). These scripts are usually written in Perl.

Not all Hosting Servers allow these scripts, or it may cost more money to use them. Questions to ask your host. For security reasons hosts like to have full control over scripts.

  • Do you have a Form to e-mail script or similar scripts that you can use.
  • Can you add your own scripts
  • Obtain the URL that points to the server directory that contains the scripts.


Input boxes

There are various types of input boxes that you can use:


Input Type Used for Sample
Text For data entry Name
Checkbox Select 1 or more items from a group
Hidden Not visible, but it's value is submitted
Image Select an Image
Number For entering a number  
Password For the input of a password, asterisks are displayed
Radio Only 1 item can be selected from a group.
Reset A button that clears the form
Submit A button that submits the form
TextArea A larger text box allowing multiple lines
Option List Select from a provided list





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