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Prepare your site  
Check to see if you are listed on Search engines  


Webmaster tools are web sites or programs that assist you as a web designer to do you work either easier or better.

Many of them help you to

  • prepare your site prior to submission to search engines
  • Check if your site is already listed
  • Submit your site

Prepare your site for Search Engines


In order to be indexed and listed your site must have good content.


Your page must contain your keywords in strategic positions. See Site promotion.

You should list your keywords in a keyword Meta tag in the head section.

Some Search engines no longer require this, but others do. And many of the tools listed also require this.

To be effective keywords should appear on the page 3 to 8 times.

Use a keyword counting tool to help you with this task.

Try to use alternative words to your main keywords

If you want to get American viewers, use some American spelling, e.g. Color in place of Colour


Keyword Density Analyzer

This tool requires that your

  • Page has been uploaded to the web
  • Your page has a keyword meta tag

Use the tool on all your pages.
Also use the tool on any good ranking competitors page to see there keyword analysis. Use this information to help you optimise your pages.



More Keyword tools WordTracker suggests alternative keywords that you can use on your site, to help promote your site in search engine listings. You can also obtain by e-mail Wordtracker top 500 keywords currently in use by search engines. There are 2 versions - with or without adult search terms. FREE link checking software AnalogX LinkExaminer






Bravenet Tools

spaceSearch this site for a word or phrase.
Place phrases inside "double quotes"

Free Site Analysis

Free Search Engine Checker

Free Meta Tag Generator

Find broken links on web sites   Xenu's Link Sleuth

W3C free linkchecker service at

Search Engine Position Analyzer

Check to see if your site is in the first 50. Scroll down the results page to obtain the code for this Checker.

Search Engine Position Checker

Google Excite Altavista Aesop


This section contains links to downloadable or online webmaster tools that makes many webmaster tasks much easier.

Counters and Statistics

Check to see what your Web site host provides in the way of counters and statistics.

I have had very good reports from Open University students for Bravenets counters Small neat counter, various colours. Daily counter given in a ca lender style format Free stats Free counters and Commercial Counter with Statistics here. I have had very good reports from Open University students for counters Free stats. I am using this on my Tenerife information site. The only visible bit is the dirty great banner at the top of the home page. This gives me better stats but I would have to put that banner on all my pages to obtain the required information. If you can put up with the banner on every page it would be V GOOD

Site Ranking or Popularity

Page Rank - Free

A very useful tool is the Google toolbar. This tool ranks your site with a number between low ranking 1 to high ranking 10 if the site is indexed on Google. Check your site's rank agaist you competitors. You need the advanced features for the ranking, read the small print about privacy. The advanced features do track your movements.

google toolbar

Download from

Traffic Rank - Free

This tool from Alexa ranks your site in a range from top site 1 to bottom site in the millions.

Alexa Toolbar

The Alexa toolbar is similar to the google one, but is appearrs to be invading ones privacy more that the Google toolbar. A search on a search engine will find the download page if you require it. Definatly read the small print. The above Traffic Rank tool provides site information that the tool bar does but is not as readily available.

Alexa toolbar

Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Rankings - Instant, online reports of web site rankings in 7 top search engines, including Google, Yahoo (Web), AOL Search, MSN, AllTheWeb (FAST), AltaVista, Teoma, and the top 3 web directories; Yahoo Directory, Open Directory, and LookSmart - FREE!

Note how your additional searches are displayed in the results window. You can then printout the results of several searches. Check your sites ranking on several search engines. Find out how many sites link to your web site in 3 top search engines. Useful for site promotion

Web site Optimisation Enter a URL and your web page is checked for download time. Advice on how to improve your page download time is given.


Xenu Link Sleuth Link checker A free downloadable small & fast program, by Tilman Hausherr, that will find broken links including internal links & external links. Highly Recomended

Dr. Watson Version 5.02 (Not Microsoft's Dr.)
FREE online service to analyze your web page on the Internet. Does all requested checks in one go

  • HTML syntax
  • Verify regular links
  • Verify image links
  • Word counts
  • Spell-check (American) non-HTML text. Suggests alternative spellings.
  • Download speed,
  • search engine compatibility,
  • link popularity. Web Site Garage - Check your load time, dead links, link popularity, spelling and HTML code.
META Medic - Check your META tags Checks for links on a web page


Tools to help you choose a colour scheme







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