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CSS Validation Service

A free CSS Validation Service is offered by W3C

This service displays errors in your CSS rules with comments of what is wrong to help you rectify the error.

Website Templates

Dream Templates

DreamTemplate - Web Templates

Dream Templates have over 5500 Web Templates that incude :

  • Dynamic CSS Templates
  • Web Blog Templates
  • Flash Templates
  • Interactive Photo Galleries
  • Word Templates
  • Corporate Identity


DIY Websites

I created a website. You can too!

Yola offer

  • A powerful Website Builder with Free or paid for Web templates
  • Your choice Domain Name
  • Hosting


Free CSS Editors

Simple CSS

Download Simple CSS  1.9MB for windows or 4.1 MB for Mac

Free Website Bullets

Bullets are small graphics, and example of there use is shown as the arrow in the unordered list below

  • This is a list
  • One of the main uses of bullets is to embelish lists
  • The bullet is the arrow on the left


WebsiteBullets have 750 bullets in 5 colours


Free graphics including bullets, backgrounds,etc