Free Smalltalk Programming Tutorials. Downloadable M206 exams. Hints, tips, error information. Ideal for students of the OU ( Open University ) course " M206 Computing an Object - oriented approach" and North Carolina State University course CSC517.

M206 Smalltalk Programming Tutorial.

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After communication with a student just completing course CSC517 at NCSU. ( North Carolina State University ) who stated 'I wish I found this site earlier in the semester. So welcome on board CSC517 students. I hope you find the site useful.

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On to Smalltalk by Patrick Henry Winston
{On to Smalltalk image}

Discovering Smalltalk by Wilf LaLonde

The Smalltalk Developer's Guide to VisualWorks


Squeak Object-Oriented Design with Multimedia Applications


Smalltalk Books A description of Smalltalk books, that can be purchased on-line .
Tutorial 1. Integers First Smalltalk tutorial, terminology, calculation. Tips. Sending a message to an object to make the object do something. Using M206 LearningWorks and Using LearningWorks
Tutorial 2. Precedence, printString, & errors Tutorial. Precedence of Unary Binary and Keyword Messages, using parenthesis. Errors,
Messages / Methods printString, asNumber, asInteger, negated, reversed, asUppercase, plus:25 Feb 01
Tutorial 3. Strings Classes. Class Hierarchy. Sending messages to ByteString class objects(i.e. Strings), inspecting. Workspace Comments
Messages / Methods Concatenate: ,asInteger, asIntegerArray, asNumber, class, inspect, reverse, at:put: , at:, asLowercase, asUppercase, dropVowels, isString, size.
Tutorial 4. Class Browser Programming. The Class Browser - description, tips, opening and using. Major Class browser additions. Finding a Class. Finding a Method. Finding Examples of a Method
Tutorial 5. Variables Variables, Temporary, Local, Instance, Class, Global, Global, Pseudo, Scope.
Tutorial 12. Control Structures Decision making & Iteration (Loop)methods in Smalltalk. Comparison Operators. ifTrue:,whileTrue, between:and:, exists, isEmpty, isInteger, isNil, isVowel, not, value.  
Tutorial 16. Dialog Dialog boxes. withCRs, temporary and local variables, asNumber, rem: , Empty strings.
Tutorial 23 Collection class Various downloadable files
Tutorial 39 OpenGUI How to use the M206 Graphical User Interface.
Master Smalltalk & M206 Index An index for the M206 OU course and Smalltalk methods used in the tutorials. I will also update for CSC517 students of the NCSU ( North Carolina State University ).
Customise Class Browser Colours Allows the user to colour code, the code in the Class Browser. Very useful, --Try it
Download Documents A selection of mock Exam papers and other files to download. These will help you with your programming.
Smalltalk Error & Exception Messages Using the Debugger. List of common error messages and there cause. The debugger is a very important tool, use it!
Hints and Tips. A list of hints and tips for beginners in Smalltalk programming, and these tutorials. Preventing crashes. Debugger Hints. Error messages.
Sites, other sites on Smalltalk & M206 subjects.
Downloadable sources of free versions of Smalltalk, and other free programs
Feedback Please help me to improve this site by sending your comments.
ASCII Codes Number systems
Student Software. Includes most software that have a Student Discount Licence. Open University Students are eligible for this discount. Also is listed associated books to this software.


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Home page of a tutorial in programming in C This is an ideal tutorial for anybody learning C programming language, and of particular interest to students on courses: T223 at the OU Open University.

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