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Page Introduction  
Anti Virus  
Business - Starting your own  
CGI CGI scripts. Also see JavaScript
Computer Dictionaries and encyclopaedias Computer Dictionaries encyclopaedia.
CSS Tutorials  
Download Sites Tuscows. Davecentral. Shareware.
Dreamweaver The top HTML & XHTML Editor, CSS Editor, XML Editor and Authoring program available
Help Sites  
HTML Tutorials Webmonkey. Joe Burns goodies and more
HTML Validation and Standards Validate your HTML code. HTML 4.0 specification
JavaScript Also see CGI
KompoZer Tutorials  
OU TMA Mark Calculator
Paint Shop Pro  
Password Protection  
Poorly Computer or Software  
Starting your own business DTI advise on using IT. Lists government resources. DTI resources for e-commerce
Student Sites  
Technology Information Sites How things work. Techie things.
Webmaster Tools Webmaster's Tools have been moved to there own page.

Page Introduction

I hope that you find this page of useful links helpful. The links have been sorted into various categories as shown above, but be aware that the some pages will include information covering several categories.

Links are constantly being added to this page.

I would be pleased to receive suggestions for inclusion and notification of any bad links.

Thanks John McGuinn



The producers of Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and many other top software.

Programs can be purchased as individual products or as one of the Creative Suites that contain several programs.

Students can obtain very large discounts.
Proof of Student status is required


Useful Resources

HTML Templates, Flash Templates & More

BoxedArt is the best supplier of HTML Templates, Flash Templates in the world. They also are excellent at providing royalty free photos, mascots and hi-tech interfaces. You can visit the sight to view these items. To download them you have to become a member

Anti Virus Run a (free) online virus scan on your system.


ASP Microsoft's ASP Overview pages provide information about Active Server Pages (ASP).

ASP site ASP Editor, tutorials etc.



DEMO&showsub=ns_what_is_broadband&showsub3= NS-LM_Demo&obsNoSee
Demonstrations - the difference that broadband makes to the way you experience the Internet






All the links on this page open in a separate window. Just close the new window to return to this page.


Link to us

I hope that you have found this site useful. Please help by spreading the word and by linking to us from your own website.

See also Tutorial 1 Browsers section Browser detect W3C DOM Browser (Version 5) Compatibility Table CBE is a cross-browser DHTML Javascript library or API. You download CBE to your own computer and use it to develop dynamic web applications (DHTML). You then upload your application and the CBE files to your own site. Review of Browsers




Business - Starting your own


Government Sites DTI resorses for e-commerce Data Protection Act

Customs and Excise - VAT etc

Check the Trading on the Internet link NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE

HM Customs and Excise

News and information on tax and national insurance matters in the United Kingdom

Data Protection Act 1998




  Open university - OUSA Small Business Conference on First Class Basic company information is free



CGI "CGI Scripts for Fun and Profit" is an article from the Hotwired Webmonkey site on incorporating ready-made CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts into your pages. The CGI Resource Index is a repository of all things related to CGI, including ready-made scripts, documentation, books, and even programmers for hire. CGI Programming FAQ and check out the rest of the site.  


Computer Dictionary and encyclopaedias Computer related terms . List of Computer Dictionaries



CSS Some fabulous demos of what you can do in CSS, and info on how it is done CSS Popup menu The Cascading Style Sheets, level 1 specification (CSS1) is the official specification for style sheets from the World Wide Web Consortium. Loads of terrific examples of working with CSS - Demos galore, Boxes with round corners , dozens of CSS menus Web Review's Style Sheets Reference Guide explains what CSS styles are and which browsers they work in. CSS Validator you can enter your URI (URL) or Download version 2.0 Tutorial
TopStyle Lite v3.5
Dynamic HTML Editor (Free) v1.9
Free CSS Toolbox v1.2

CSS Editors Good site and newsletter Loads of good help, advise and articles. Basic intro to styles. Tutorial Creating Web Pages With Style - CSS2 A very good tutorial on CSS text size control.
A far more comlicated subject than one would imagine. Many pros and cons for various solutions. I suppose in the end you use a compromise. ? CSS Reference Site Scalable Text - Absolute and Relative sizing text The Amazing Em Unit - but does it work? Tables or CSS Layout positioning Chapter 1 Basic CSS Concepts - Review this chapter - experiment with CSS and reread Menu


Database Tutorial

Design Independent Web Designer Portal. Web Designer get your site listed here. Run by Wickie an ex Open University student.

Download Sites One of the top sites to download programs from available. Loads of shareware programs. A good site for program reviews. If its not at Tuscows it will probably be available at Davecentral
www Another top site

The Cleaner is a program that searches out and cleans them from your system.




Dreamweaver / Ultradev

See my recommended Dreamweaver books section
See my Dreamweaver Tutorial - Set Up your new Site, Set up your working space

Check out:

  • Using Dreamweaver PDF file on the CD Rom
  • The Guided Tour, and Lessons in the Help Menu Dreamweaver tools you can always trust Tutorials, free extensions (also pay for extensions)  


If you want to start selling goods or services on the internet then you probably need to add some sort of additional functionality to your website. Mal's free e-commerce service will help you do just that. On line payments  
spaceSearch this site for a word or phrase.
Place phrases inside "double quotes"





See my recommended Flash books section  


Fonts Answer a few questions ti identify a font

Fun Talking messages from cartoon characters to send to your mates.


Graphics Download Xara Webstyle 3 free trial version grahic program. Makes Banners, logos, buttons, navigation bars and menus, dividers, themed sets, headings, photos, and backgrounds‎ Irfanview Graphic editor & viewer Image search engine Create, Edit and Manage your Windows Icons! 30 Day free trial favicon.ico - Adding your own Favourite icon Miscellaneous Transparent PNG Images using IMG Tags


Help Sites You may have to register at these forum style sites, and navigate to the correct forum, but you will get answers to your problems.


Domain Names & Hosting


1&1 Domain Names & Web site Hosting  *** Recomended ***
  • 1&1 have more than 7.5 million customers world wide
  • Feature-packed web hosting services
  • Easy website creators
  • Superb customer service & support including 24/7 phone support
  • The latest technology at unbeatable prices

123 Reg Domain Names & Hosting

  • The UK’s largest domain name registra
  • Web site HostingDomain
  • Easy to use website builder

Network Solutions, based in America is a leading provider of Web services including: Search Engine Marketing, Web site design, e-mail security, Web hosting and more.

Network Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of products and services to help customers use the Internet to enhance their lives and drive traffic to their Web sites.

Web Hosting Stuff - a hosting directory site, that currently lists and reviews 5,800+ web hosting plans.
Dedicated Servers HostingSource, Inc. is a leading web hosting provider,
offering reliable, scalable solutions for customers of all sizes and services.


HTML Tutorials

See my recommended HTML books section

Webmonkey's HTML Basics tutorial
Web Monkey
  • All Levels
  • Reviews of the latest Web authoring tools,programs and applications.
  • Quick reference guides to:
    • HTML.
    • Stylesheets.
    • Javascripts.
  • How to library
Joe Burns goodies Site  
HTML Tutorials Index DOT HTML is a comprehensive listing of HTML tags, attributes, and values, as well as their compatibility with the various browsers. Popular with T171 students Popular with T171 students NCD HTML Design Guide NCD Style Sheet Guide Coordinated colours HTML tutorial on Metatags: 100s of neat web site designs, that may assist you with your own design ideas. Creative web design with a 10k limit. May assist you with your own design ideas.


Find Tutorials


  • Intermediate Level
  • Links to 2000 tutorials
  • Lists number of visits to the site.
  • Site review Viewable in all browser Design, online or downloadable zip file
Customising your own 404 pages Demo and drawbacks of disabling the dotted lines around links with blur



HTML Accessability, Validation, Standards & Link Checkers


Accessability Accessiblity Checklist Accessiblity Validator. See what your site looks like through the eyes of a text only browser #validation

Lots of Accessibility and Validation Tools. Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility Accessibility issues - demos and some free downloads




  Dreamweaver has a built in Validator. Latest versions use the validator Validate your HTML or XHTML code. Upload file to be validated from your computer HTML 4.01 Specification Validate your HTML or XHTML code by supplying URI (URL)

Checklist of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
Free trial then costs £12.00 and its yours
Give this online WDG validator


Link Checkers Check all links on a page
Check all links on a page Check all links on a complte web site Excellent




Obtain information about a web site owners WHOIS for domains   Sam Spade Who is queries and other Tools .Lots of online tools
Sam Spade for Windows, The Library,Tools and utilities HyperText Markup Language Home Page
Test your page in different browsers, or at different resolutions on line
Free trial then costs £12.00 and its yours
Give this online WDG validator



HTML HyperText Markup Language Home Page



Browser Testing


Different browsers dont always display your web pages in the same way. Some browsers can display the page in a totally unacceptable manner
Test your page in different browsers, or at different resolutions on line











See my recommended books Java Scripts section Java Script Source. Great site Java
Javascripts and references: Good rollover creator Java and other scripts Tutorials, Script examples for the book Tutorial with examples Loads of Java and other scripts



KompoZer is a free WYSIWYG HTML & CSS Editor. Hints on it's use are given in the HTML & CSS tutorials on this site.

Download from Kompozer


Macromedia were the original developers of Dreamweaver, Flash & other well known programs. Macromedia were taken over by Adobe



File extensions,289933,sid9,00.html File extensions There are areas dedicated to design, business, javascript, coding and discussion groups Training, Lesson plans, tutorials on Microsoft programs Entities Table lists the entity names used in ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1).
Allaire's (now Macromedia) ColdFusion product page provides information about ColdFusion. Looks like an interesting site for OU students. List of British Computer Magazines with links to their Web sites

To cheYou can stop search engines from spidering the pages too, by using a couple of lines of code in a robotsck the ownership of a domain name pop-up killer Who is attacking you, connect to[ ] and type in their IP address. This should give you an address to contacy for abuse reports. Email this address with the date and time of the attack and the details of the IP address attacking you. You will need to include a copy of your firewall log. Check your Firewall-request a security scan. Nerds -Robert X. Cringely et al This VisualRoute Server provides a graphical traceroute from this server to any other network device you choose. To trace back to your computer, just press the button with your IP
address below. To trace to any other network device, enter the host name or URL Moores Law: Moore's original submission of his theory to the Electronics Journal in April 1965. Extensive Mathematics resource. By the makers of Mathematica Check who is linking to your site, using Alta Vista, Lycos, Hot Bot or MSN search encines Useful if you want an internet connection and doing a lot of travelling. Trojan removal instructions Medical Problems - Self help Telephone preference service sytop spam calls


Modems Check your Modem speed



Open University

Some OU links may require your login and password
permutations of grades required to gain each class of honours degree Students and Tutors comments on OU courses Welcome to the Open University Students Association (OUSA) The ETMA system



Paint Shop Pro


Tutorials (this guy is an OU student!!)

these two are photoshop, but can be used for psp:

01 - 24 { press the number ]


Password Protection .htaccess method .htaccess password protection


PHP Build your own Database Driven Website using PHP & MySQL The PHP pages provide information about PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor. Security problem in PHP versions 4.2.0 and 4.2.1. PHP Video tutorials. Log in ->home section ->downloads PHP/MySQL/Javascript example on password protection. Password Protect specific pages on your Website. Loaded with Features!



Poorly Computer or Software  



Protocols Internet Protocol tutorials Internet Protocol Self Test


Search Engines The Waybackmachine - Very useful reference archive of cached copies of over 10 billion web pages


Spyware Info on adware (spyware) is it spyware? opt out


Student Sites

I have just placed these OU student sites onto the list below. I will be checking that they are still active links. I have accumulated them over a period of time. Many of them will be ex T171 students with relevant T171 information. Some are there because to me they are cool sites, or contain some useful feature that I would like to use. Other may be less relevant to T170 and T171 ers and be there because of my OU previous courses.

I hope to split the list into suitable subsections John J Cook: Jims Programs. A must for Game lovers, also has java applettes, C tutorial, downloads, VB, source code  








Technology Information Sites It tells you how things work. Techie things





Cities, Countries and Towns







Photoshop & Flash Tutorials

Web Design
After reading all these links on web design and good and bad pages Good Site



Webmaster Tools

Bravenet webmaster tools

This section has been moved and is being geatly enlarged you may want to bookmark the new Webmaster Tools page





Some useful 'built in' Windows programs


regedit - Registry editor. Use with caution
rsrcmtr - Resource monitor
msconfig Check & ammend the configuration of your Windows Computer.
msinfo32 - System information
sysmon - System monitor
sysedit - System editor. Edit the files autoexec.bat, config.sys etc
winfile - Windows 3.1 file manager.


Microsoft Sites Microsoft Support Support for Microsoft Service Packs
PowerToys/Networking/NTTweakUI.asp Tweek UI The Knowledge Base, over 250,000 articles: FAQs troubleshooting .
UK section i.e. UK spellings, click international support, UK, Search our Technical Database. Try alternative words if no results. Windows XP Tips, How to. For beginners and experts. For IT professionals and support workers. You can register for an e-mail for latest info. Typography & Font information


Other Sites Startup / shutdown troubleshooting
links useful in sorting out which tasks you can remove from the startup folder: Manuals Complete collection of Microsoft Windows information Information on W2000 or XP Task Manager Windows XP Resource Center All about MSConfig All windows versions Registry Edits for Windows XP
"Tweaks and Tips" Specify an order of the startup programs




See my recommended books XML section Iinformation, tutorials, and tips about Extensible Markup Language (XML), as well as other Web technologies. As the companion site to Sams Teach Yourself HTML and XHTML in 24 Hours, Fifth Edition, this electronic café offers an assortment of free samples and tasty treats to help you get up to speed on HTML in a hurry.
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More Tutorials

Home page of a tutorial in programming in Smalltalk, a object-oriented programming language. This is an ideal tutorial for anybody learning Smalltalk and of particular interest to students on courses: M206 at the OU Open University, and course CSC517 at NCSU North Carolina State University

C programming tutorial
Home page of a tutorial in programming in C This is an ideal tutorial for anybody learning C programming language, and of particular interest to students on courses: T223 at the OU Open University.
Home page of

Leeds my home town



AireWeb Web Design
Leeds Web design

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