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An introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) &
Index to CSS lessons

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What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets, CSS, is a

  1. Language that is used to style a web page's look & formatting
  2. CSS allows the separation of a web pages content, text, photographs & graphics written in HTML, XHTML or other similar markup language from the styling of the page
  3. CSS allows a complete site to be designed without repeating the CSS design code on every page - a fantastic time saver.
  4. It allows for the design look on every page to be changed very easily with just a single alteration to the CSS code

CSS Editors


Like HTML, CSS is a text based language and therefore can be produced or edited in Windows Notepad.


Built in CSS Editor

Dreamweaver is the best HTML Editor on the market and used by many Professional Web Designers. Dreamweaver also contains a CSS Editor

If you are a Student or Teacher, proof required, you can obtain special education rates, roughly 80% discount.

Dreamweaver can be purchased as a separate program or in several suites of programs

Free CSS Editors

A list of Free CSS Editors is located on the CSS resource page

Tutorial Index

1 Where & how you place CSS Code?

Instructions & Exercises in placing your CSS code in 3 different places:

  • in a separate CSS document
  • In the head section of a web page.
  • In line - within the HTML code

Tutorial 1 Code Placement